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Hair Salon Demo Schedule

Welcome to the Hair Salon Demo Schedule WebSchedule.

This is the demo version of the Squeeze-Me-In Online Scheduling service showing you a possible configuration for a Hair Salon.
You may preceed through the demo in either the customer mode or the administrator's mode.
Some functions are disabled by setting various database tables as readonly and you may see some errors displayed in a few functions, but other than this, the demo operates indentically to the production schedule. You are free to schedule appointments or cancel them if you wish, and in general poke the application with a virtual stick.

The Usernames/Passwords for the Demo are:

Customer Demo - username="user" password="demo"
Administration Demo - username="admin" password="demo"

Hair Salon Demo Schedule
123 Main St
Ash Flat, AR 12345
Phone: (830)555-1212

Sunday: Closed
Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm

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Canadian Español
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WebSchedule is a service of Squeeze-Me-In.Com
WebSchedule is a service of Squeeze-Me-In.Com