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Online Scheduling designed for your Industry.

Pop-up window showing todays schedule at a tanning salon "one-size-DOESN'T-fit-all"
Don't settle for scheduling software written to please everyone. . .why make your business conform to their rules? Squeeze-Me-In, the only program designed for your industry, understands your business and how to make it more profitable in a competitive market.

Allow your customers the convenience of scheduling their appointments on-line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!!!

Squeeze-Me-In Online Scheduling will conform to your needs. Our staff of experienced Office Managers and Engineers analyze your needs and develop an Industry-specific application to best fit those needs.

View a sample of an online scheduling system for Tanning Salons!

Dental Labs ~ Hairstylist ~ Nail Technicians ~ Detail Shops

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Customer Letter:
"I think this service is great. The ease of seeing what, when, and which bed is available saves me valuable time in the salon, and I am sure saves the owners time also. I would be terribly disappointed to have to go back to the old call in system, in fact I think if all things were equal, the determining factor of which salon I chose would be this option availablity."
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Take your business to the next level. Let us integrate your schedule with a complete office management system .  .  .designed to your requirements.

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A Creative-Entropy Service

The source code for the Squeeze-Me-In scheduling program is not publicly available and hosting of the application can not be done outside of Squeeze-Me-In's server network. On-line scheduling software from Squeeze-Me-In is licensed as "communal-ware". Creative-Entropy owns the rights to the scheduling software and all modifications, but makes their use available to everyone using the service. If a community member invests in a custom modification to the scheduling software, that modification becomes available to all users of the scheduling program. This arrangement keeps costs low so that any business can afford to use this high quality scheduling and management system.